What does Farmacia Ni Dok offers?
How much is the total franchise investment?
What does the franchise fee cover?
What is the term of the franchising agreement?
What other continuing support will I receive?
How much is the royalty fee?
When do I pay the Royalty fee of sales?
Will franchisor increase franchising and royalty fees in the future?
Where do we procure the pharmacy merchandise?
What are the criteria for choosing a site or location?
What is the manpower requirement for a Farmacia Ni Dok franchise outlet?
Will I get a comprehensive operations manual?
Will we be trained on Farmacia Ni Dok Inc system of operations?
What if the space requirement of Farmacia Ni Dok store?
Will I have exclusive territory?
What are the opening hours?
Can I return unsaleable medicines?
Can I replace the expired branded medicines?
When should I pay for the initial stocks delivered?
Can we put up LOTTO outlet infront of Farmacia Ni Dok?
How to become Farmacia Ni Dok Franchisee?
How do I start the whole process?