At least once a year, you can get affected by a virus that causes flu, commonly known as trangkaso here in the Philippines. Makakaranas ka ng sakit ng ulo, pag ubo at pag sipon, pati na rin ang panghihina ng ating katawan. The virus which causes the flu can be found almost anywhere, pero hindi ibig sabihin nito na hindi na natin maiiwasan ang magka trangkaso.

Here are some of the basics tips you need to remember about how to protect yourself, paano hindi ka makakahawa ng iba at ano mga kailangan inumin at kainin.


Prevention for Acquiring the Flu

It is hard to completely avoid being around people who are sick. We cannot control them to stay away from us. But there are ways that can be done to not acquire the flu from them.

•  Lumayo Sa Mga Taong May Trangkaso

Keep some distance from you and the person who is sick. By doing so, this lessens your chances from acquiring the virus. If someone who has the flu sneezes or coughs on your face or near you, may chance na baka mahawa ka din.

•  Mag Hugas Ng Kamay

Kung saan saan napupunta ang ating kamay, at kung saan saan din napupunta ang kamay ng iba. It is possible to get sick from getting the germs in an area or object that has been exposed to people who also have the flu.

•  Palakasin Ang Resitensya

Having a strong immune system is a sure way to fight off the flu. Mapapalakas mo ang iyong resistensya kung kumakain ka ng tama, nakakakuha ng tamang nutrisyon at kung nag eehersisyo.

Prevention of Spreading the Flu

When we are sick, it should be a common courtesy that we also try to make an effort not to make the people around us sick as well. Ito ay tamang asal lamang.

•  Manatili Sa Bahay

To avoid spreading the germs to others, if your flu is really bad you can just opt to stay at home. Ito ang pinaka madaling paraan para hindi mahawa ang iba.

•  Takpan Ang Bibig At Ilong

When you feel like sneezing or coughing, just cover your mouth and nose so that the germs that will come out from your mouth won’t be spread into the air.

•  Mag Suot Ng Mask

Kung ikaw ay kailangan lumabas ng bahay, it is best to wear a mask. This is the easiest way to protect yourself from viruses outside, while also protecting others.


Medicine to Drink

May mga gamot tayong pwedeng inumin kapag tayo ay nagka trangkaso. These are over-the-counter meds that we can easily get. They are as follows:

•   Vitamin C
•   Antihistamines
•   Decongestants
•   Cough syrup/tabs/pills
•   Pain relievers


Home Remedies

Believe it or not, mild flu can be solved by basic home remedy acts. Yes, your mom isn’t just saving up on money, what she does actually works.

•  Sabaw
Sabaw ng tinola o nilaga ang pinaka best. It’s east to cook, it tastes good, plus it does the trick of making you feel better.

•  Calamansi
Intake some Calamansi juice with honey to give your body that Vitamin C it needs to fight off the flu.