A brand new year is coming up and along with the new year comes resolutions, changes, and wishes we wish to happen and achieve for 2019. Most of the time, we create our resolutions on our own; we list them down and keep them to ourselves. Although, nothing is wrong with that, but wouldn’t it be nice that to have a change for this coming year? Try creating a New Year’s Resolution with your family. It doesn’t have to be something very difficult or sentimental, maybe you can start with being a family that is motivated into becoming healthier for 2019. Individually choosing to become healthy is quite a difficult task.  But if you have someone with you, like your family, to join you in this journey then it would be an easier and more fun experience; rather it be being an uninspired and unmotivating process. So, as a family what are the wellness activities you can do? Wellness encompasses various activities, learn the activities that is best down for the family.

Eat and Drink Healthy

The food and drink you all intake is a necessary component in keeping each of your bodies well. For this coming 2019, as a family, decide on limiting the unnecessary and unhealthy food and drinks at home. By all deciding to do this together, no one will feel like they’re missing out on any of those things you will be getting rid of.

Take Vitamins

To make sure that every member of the family does get their daily dose of essential nutrients, taking Iron, Vitamin C, and Calcium would be helpful. Go to your family doctor and ask the best dosage and which specific vitamins you should all take.

But more than just what you put inside your body, it is also important to add exercising in your journey to a well and healthy life. Here are the fitness activities you can do as a family.


You can all do this either early in the morning or after work and school. This is a good way to get your muscles working, plus it serves as a good bonding experience that you can use as a way to talk to each other while running. It doesn’t have to be everyday but just have a set schedule.

Hiking or Rock Climbing

Now these are fun and exciting activities. Both of these require physical and mental strength. Hiking and rock climbing entails the use of fast thinking, balance, and a lot of other skills which is why doing this as a family can lessen the difficulty of it; you can be each other’s support system. You can hike on weekends and do rock climbing once during the weekday.

Play Wii Fit

And if there are days, all of you just feel like staying at home but still want to get your bodies moving then try doing Wii Fit. Thanks to advance technology Wii Fit is surprisingly effective when it comes to putting the fun into fitness. Use Wii Fit as an alternative exercise during those days when the weather isn’t so great outside or when you just don’t feel like going out.